Important Information




Emergency Numbers


Police 999

Ambulance 998

Fire Department 997

Tourist Police Call center +971-800-423


Electricity and Water

DEWA - website 991


Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai

Dubai/Commercial Section

Astrid Svitzer Ching Nielsen +971 50 652 8620 -


Cian K. W. O’Brien

Commercial Advisor - +971 56 124 4015


Consular Section

Roaia Hashim Makdisi +971 4 348 0877 -

Consular assistance (e.g. passport, visa or legal assistance)


Danish Embassy, Abu Dhabi +971 2 441 0104



Dubai Municipality +971 4 221 5555


RTA 800-9090

Labour issues 800-665


Postal service 600-5-99999



Living in Dubai

You've just arrived or are about to begin your new adventure in Dubai, but need assistance to navigate through the bureaucratic jungle. When do you apply for your VISA, what about converting your driver’s license, you heard you need a liquor license to buy alcohol legally in the UAE, and what is this Ejari people are talking about? This guide written in Danish will most likely answer all of those questions.


The Legal System and Laws to know

If you want to know more about Wills and Sharia law, the Danish Law Firm Liv og Lov offers advice, see more on their website.


If you would like to know more about your rights, then this comprehensive guide "Know Your Rights: UAE Law" will make sure you are well informed about drinking in Dubai, cohabitation & unmarried couples, divorce, child custody, wills, residency and much more.






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