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Danish Healthcare


People often ask for Danish practitioners when they are in need of a doctor or dentist. While we can't endorse any, we have made a list of the known practioners in Dubai. Please do remember to consult your healthcare medical coverage.



Dr. Anni Engberg Faelling, Obstetrics / Gynecology


Dr. Astrid Schulze, Pediatrics -



Dentists and dental services


Dr. Anne Skadhede Albæk

Children’s dentist - My Dental Clinic -

Dr. Christina Friis-Moeller & Soren Kollat Jensen -


Dental Hygienist Thurid Samro -


Dr. Thomas Boelman, Scandinavian Dental Clinic




Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center

Theo Lind or Megan Pickett -




Chiropractor Helle Kærskov -




Psychologist MSc Eva Resting -


Family Therapist


Nicola Gregory

Family and Couple Therapist -




There are quite a few Danish coaches in Dubai, all covering different areas.



Danish Language and School


Danskskolen offers Danish group lessons based on the curriculum of Folkeskolen at various schools in Dubai -

they also offer 'Sang & Sjov' for kids age groups 1-3 and 4-6.

Contact Therese Hasberg Avil and Maria Shapiro Higton at


Danish Language Centre for adults wanting to learning Danish, Maria Shapiro Higton offers private one-to-one lessons, +971 50-2730-885 or


Group/classroom based lessons through Danes Worldwide in collaboration with Danskskolen, please contact or see more on Danes Worldwide


Real estate / property


Real Estate agent Maja Kehlmann +971 56 442 3703 -


Real Estate agents Jacob Danoh Christiansen & Julie Dahl +971 4-428 1398



Danish Hair dressers


Danish Hair dresser Marie Louise Feldvoss +971 56 254 3283


Sussi Thisgaard 800SLAM (+971 800-7526)



Aveda - Mette Vigand Nørgaard og Jacqueline Ranch 800AVEDA (+971 80028332)


Annesofie Begtrup


Christmas events and goods


The Danish Business Council organizes a yearly Christmas market in November. They also organize the Christmas Store, where you can buy Danish / Scandinavian food items, like pork, candy and nisseøl. They advertise this on their website in August.

The Ladies Balut group organizes a Christmas party for kids (juletræsfest) being held at the Danish Consulate.



Social activities in the Danish community


There are many activities in Dubai, most can be found on Facebook. There is dice gaming for women, book clubs, sports for kids and adults, social events for dinner and drinks. The list below is by no means complete and please let us know, if you think a group needs to be added.


Ladies Balut

Children's Gymnastics

Children's play Facebook group

Danish Teenagers Facebook group

Danish parents Facebook group

Annual Danish Gala

Scandinavian Events

Scandinavians in the UAE

Buying, selling or trading

Danish football (men's)

Danish golf

Danish fitness and personal trainer


The Norwegian Seamen's church and Dansk Sømandskirke


While we still don't have a permanent Danish Church or Priest in Dubai, at the Norwegian Seamen's Centre there is now a travelling Danish priest, Carl Bjarkam coming into Dubai as often as he can.

For more information about Dansk Kirke i Dubai @dsukdubai, and when he is in Dubai, visit their FB page.


The Norwegian Seamen's Centre offers Baptisms, Weddings and Confirmations for all Scandinavians.

The Norwegian Seamen's Centre also organizes a lot of activities where Danes are also welcome to join; Business Lunches, Culture Cafes, play groups for kids, a yearly Christmas market, and lots more. They also have a small store with Scandinavian foods and goods.

Visit their website




Blue Water shippping +971 4-286-3955 -






+971 4-394-7777



+971 4-454-2640








+971 4-338-8939



+971 4-394-9433




+971 4-393-3618



+971 4-349-3202





+971 4-551-6126








+971 55-133-2957






+971 56-619-4040






+971 50-376-9656



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